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Open Source

Open Source is beautiful. I have made several contributions to Open Source software, in the form of patches, bug reports, translations, and donations. This page is mostly for myself to keep track of what I consider to be my most relevant Open Source contributions. I hope it will be of some inspiration to you!

Linux Kernel

The Linux Kernel is a modern Open Source operating system kernel used in many real-world applications such as servers, desktop computers, and smartphones.

I contributed a fix to enable raw sockets to be bound to a nonlocal address. I also contributed a fix and regression tests coverage[1][2] for a change of behaviour that was introduced as a result of my first patch.


Duplicati is an incremental backup solution supporting many different cloud backends, including consumer and non-consumer ones, out of the box.

I contributed a patch implementing exponential backoff for failed storage-backend operations. Since most storage operations Duplicati performs are network-based, exponential backoff is a good idea to avoid generating useless traffic and getting banned from APIs for being too insistent, and it is also a better retries-limited retry strategy.

Please note that I currently can't endorse using Duplicati as a good solution for backing up anything important. Unfortunately, I've had it fail on me multiple times due to its less-than-ideal local database system.


python-snap7 is a Python library implementing bindings and utility objects for the Snap7 library (warning: plain HTTP link), to communicate with Siemens S7 series PLCs.

I contributed multiple improvements, including:

  • a small fix for a broken feature
  • a new datatype, not contained in the Siemens specs but very common in real-world systems
  • a partial refactor of one of the classes, to give it better-defined semantics and better documentation
  • a refactor of the library to only use relative imports