About me

Hi, I'm Riccardo

Who I am

Nice to meet you! I'm Riccardo Paolo Bestetti, a software developer & a musician.

What defines me is my obsessive curiosity: whenever I see something I feel the urge to deconstruct it and understand how the parts works together to give act to the thing itself.

I'm currently getting a Double Master's Degree in Embedded Systems and I&E at KTH Stockholm and Università di Trento.

What I do

You can see a small subset of the projects I worked on in the Projects section of the website.

My past work experiences go from administering the computer network of a small company, to working as a junior programmer, to teaching mathematics to high school and university students. I have a keen interest in embedded computing and love the challange of working with constraints. I also love reverse engineering.

My musical experience comprise playing guitar as a soloist and in various ensembles, orchestras and in a theater show.

I have contributed to various Open Source projects, including CraftBukkit (now maintained by Spigot), the Linux kernel, and Duplicati.

Contact me

If you feel the need to contact me, you can send me an email at pablo@bestov.io (remove all the vocals from "pablo" to get the actual address).

You can also leave comments below blog articles.